1. What is a MOD

A mod is the part of the vape kit that delivers power to the tank. Mods can have other features added such as bluetooth control, LED color changes, temperature control, wattage mode, voice control and so much more.

3. Why does my vape taste burnt?

This is likely to be caused by the coil having expired or mis-used or just faulty. Replacing the coil can fix this issue. Using quality juices prolongs the life of the coil.

5. I did not receive my order?

All orders are sent with a tracking number which makes it easier to find out when your package will arrive. If it is being shown as delivered please contact the courier or email us at online@gbvapes.com

7. My vape pen is leaking?

If after pro longed use you find your vape pen leaking, we advise that you replace the seal which are commonly provided with all new kits. This will ensure leakages are prevented.

2. How do i mix Nicotine?

If you have purchased a nic shot (just a nicotine concentrate) and want to add it to a 60ml shortfill this will become 3mg. If you add one bottle to a 100ml then this will become 1.5mg nicotine strength. Alternatively, you can purchase pre filled liquids

4. How much nicotine do i need?

This really depends on personal preference. If you are a heavy smoker smoking in excess of 20 ciarettes a day then you may wish to try the highest strength which is 18mg, if you are smoking 5 cigarettes a day then 3mg should suffice but we recommend trialling various strengths to find yours.

6. I need advise on starting vaping?

By contacting us directly on 01422 254848 you can speak to a professional about how vaping could help you stop smoking.

8. How do i know when your sales are on?

We run a large deal of crazy sales which gives you the chance of buying loads for less. Add us on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out.

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