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smok i priv cheap in yorkshire


The long awaited SMOK I-Priv has finally arrived in the UK with many retailers seeing this product on the shelf ...
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More smokers in deprived areas of England

Likelihood of smoking is far greater in England’s most deprived areas GB Vapes is not just an online shop for ...
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Cannabis Legal in the UK

Legalisation of Cannabis

There has been so much fuss around the topic of 'Cannabis' and its status within the English legal system. Currently ...
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How to shape your vape

Keep vaping fun...                ... Explore Flavours...               ...
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Is Vaping Safe?

The E-Cigarette Takeover E-Cigarettes are taking the United Kingdom by storm with more smoker switching over to the Vaporisers every ...
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History of the E-cigarette

How E-cigarettes started Even though the first commercial cigarette was invented in 2003 in Beijing, China by Hon Lik, a ...
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VG, PG, Glycerin, Glycol, Propylene

VG & PG for beginners

Know what you are vaping This guide has been created to allow our fellow vapers to understand what they should ...
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